Have you ever wanted a real live Teddy Bear?

Sometimes the best things in life happen when we least expect it.

Retired the previous November, loosing my beautiful old friend, Rosebud the following February, adopting an older cat and losing him in a matter of months, I figured my days of pet ownership were done.

On the morning of September 12th 2016 the phone rang.

The voice of a close friend on the line asked:

“I know you said you couldn’t afford to take on another pet and if you can’t do this I understand.”

A “friend of a friend” had a 14 month old long haired Chihuahua in need of a home or he was headed for the shelter.

“He’s here at my house. Will you come over and see him?”


Teddy Bear’s PetSmart Basic Obedience Training Graduation Photo
Teddy Bear’s PetSmart Basic Obedience Training Graduation Photo


The following November Teddy Bear graduated from basic obedience and had been nurtured, with all his shots up to date.

Of course, there will be more posts about life with our real live Teddy Bear in the future, giving more details about his first 14 months and the challenges faced, due to the not so great start in life he had.

In spite of the extra expense involved with adopting him, there are no regrets and he has inspired me to start again on an earlier venture tried using a site with the name “Pets to Pat”.

The focus is simple:

Research and share resources, stories, training and more that has the potential to help us maintain the highest quality of life with our pets.

I hope you are uplifted and inspired to provide the best quality of life for you and your current or future pet.

You are encouraged to help inspire us with your own stories and suggestions for gathering and sharing examples of providing our pets with quality of life, from your own experiences.

Add a comment below, or use the Contact form for a more private conversation with me.

After all:

Life is better when shared with our pets.

My Best to You

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