The Pictures & Videos Gallery is open!

Happy Teddy Bear on Deck - Click/Tap the image to go to the Teddy Bear Photo Gallery
Happy Teddy Bear on Deck – Click/Tap the image to go to the Teddy Bear Photo Gallery

Of course, Teddy Bear is the “star” of this blog and gets first billing, giving him the honor of having the first Picture Gallery created.

Just click/tap his image to go the the Teddy Bear Photo Gallery page.

You will get an idea for how your photos will look as well.


Accessing the Menu


Because the drop-down for the main menu isn’t easy to scroll on smartphones, I’ve decided to create a “menu” page for the gallery.

If more than one pet picture is submitted, the one on the Pictures & Videos Gallery menu page will open a new tab/window to that gallery page.

A single photo (or video) submission will be placed on the menu page, without having a link to it’s own gallery page.


How to Submit Your Photos & Videos


The best way is by using the Contact form to make a request and I’ll email you back to help make it happen. I won’t ever share your contact information.

Please bear in mind that I’ve never attempted doing this before, so be patient, while I learn and grow into it.

You also have the option to leave a comment at the end of this post and we’ll work it out from there.


Stories about your pets are welcome


Don’t forget, you can submit your pet stories the same way, long or short (not required).

I want to use some of your stories as posts, so feel free to brag, or express your love for your pets however you feel comfortable.

Remember, keep personal information private and share only general information.

Of course, if you want Brand Recognition, or have another reason to publicly share your name and location, no problem. Just know that Pets to Pat has no control over how information you make public may be used by others.

If I have concerns, you’ll get an email from me with an explanation. When in doubt, I’ll ask for clarity before publishing.


Suggestions are Welcome


Got a hot pet health tip for me?

Some other helpful pet topic you want to share?

I’ll even consider giving you a chance to do a guest post.

Pets to Pat is dedicated to supporting pet and family life quality and welcomes suggestions related to doing so.

So, what are you waiting for?

Show me your pictures and videos and don’t forget to have your pet stories ready when I return your contact.

Lets celebrate our pets!

My Best to You


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