How does Pets to Pat plan to do this?

By helping find suggestions to solve problems.

You’ll notice that I said “suggestions” not “answers” in the above sentence.

That’s because we are people who care for our pets, not some peg needing to be placed in the correct size hole.

Our pets don’t care about “best practice” or “being right”, only that they share a life with us that is safe, happy and full of quality.

There are so many “answers” out there.

377H - GRATISOGRAPHY - Click/Tap the image to view the source.
377H – GRATISOGRAPHY – Click/Tap the image to view the source.

Everything from different training methods to home remedies and even differing veterinary advice.

Consider Pets to Pat as a place for collecting all of these suggestions, so that you don’t have to waste time finding them.

Sharing is Encouraged.

So what do I want you to share?

  • Your problems that need solutions.
  • Your suggestions that may help others.
  • Your experiences with solutions you’ve tried.
  • Your pets and life together (your story).
  • Whatever you feel helps promote and support quality of life for us and our pets.
  • Your favorite product or service for pets.
  • Pictures and videos of your pet (of course)

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If you have found your way here through some other method great!

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I’m mostly concerned with helping us learn to have the best possible life with our pets.

Want to make a suggestion or share your story with me? The most helpful ones may be published here as a post, without identifying you (unless you want brand or personal recognition).

Just use the Contact form to send a message to my inbox.

My Best to You
Pets to Pat Owner